Wedding in Sweden. None regarding the certificates could be over the age of four months.

Since 2009 Sweden includes a sex basic wedding legislation, meaning that same sex partners will get hitched underneath the exact same conditions as reverse intercourse partners. Being a international resident without residency in Sweden you are able to, in some instances, also get married in Sweden.

Demands and procedures whenever engaged and getting married

You don’t have actually to reside (have residency) in Sweden or have a Swedish citizenship to get hitched in Sweden. If neither of this two have actually Swedish citizenship or residency in Sweden, they require have residency (or one have citizenship additionally the other one have actually residency) in a nation where sex that is same or wedding is appropriate.

Inquiry into impediments to marriage

Before a few can marry, the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) must conduct an inquiry into impediments of wedding (hindersprovning). The few must register a written demand towards the Swedish Tax Agency. Weiterlesen