Pope John Paul II letters expose 32-year relationship with girl

Communication sheds light on relationship with Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, A polish philosopher, starting in 1973

Pope John Paul II and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. Photograph: given by Bill and Jadwiga Smith

Pope John Paul II had a romantic relationship that is 32-year a Polish philosopher that is considered to have once declared her like to him as he ended up being still a cardinal, in accordance with letters found because of the BBC.

There is absolutely no indicator that the pope that is former whom died in 2005 and had been made a saint by Pope Francis, possessed an intimate relationship with Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka or ever broke his vow of celibacy, nevertheless the communication sheds light in the level of this relationship Pope John Paul II had with Tymieniecka as he ended up being archbishop of Krakow, like the possibility which he struggled to get to terms along with his emotions on her.

In accordance with letters unearthed by the BBC, which will be airing a programme concerning the relationship on Monday evening on BBC1, their relationship began in 1973, when Tymieniecka contacted Karol Wojtyla, the long run John Paul II, about a novel she wrote on philosophy. The 2 had much in accordance: they’d both been created in Poland and survived the Nazi career through the world war that is second. Tymieniecka relocated to the united states following the war, where she married along with three young ones together with a scholastic profession being a philosopher.

In accordance with the BBC, the set came across on a few occasions after becoming friends so that you can work with an updated form of the then cardinal’s guide, The Acting individual.