“My Closest Friend’s Wedding” quotes. – Julianne Potter: Okay, you are Michael, you are in a fancy french restaurant, you purchase.

“creme brulee for dessert, it is gorgeous, it is sweet, it really is irritatingly perfect. Instantly, Michael understands he does not want creme brulee, he desires something else. – Kimberly camversity chat rooms Wallace: So what does he want? – Julianne Potter: Jello. – Kimberly Wallace: Jello. ” (continue) (read on) Julia Roberts – Julianne Potter Cameron Diaz – Kimberly Wallace

“- Michael O’Neill: Kimmy states then, out loud if you love someone you say it, you say it right. Otherwise, the minute simply. – Julianne Potter: Passes you by. – Michael O’Neill: Passes you by. Yeah. ” Dermot Mulroney – Michael O’Neal Julia Roberts – Julianne Potter

“- George Downes: Michael’s chasing Kimmy? – Julianne Potter: Yes! – George Downes: you are chasing Michael? – Julianne Potter: Yes! – George Downes: who is chasing you. No one, have it? Weiterlesen