Loan Officer Commissions: Margins & Management (Webinar Recap)

As your trusted capital areas partner, we strive to provide solutions that are applicable headache-inducing problems – such as for example doing tiresome and manual calculations for the loan officers’ (LO) commissions.

Margin compression was a common subject recently, with LO commissions being a certain challenge we’re going to reference in this essay.

In this webinar recap, we shall summarize the talks of y our panelists whom explain: two motorists of margin compression available in the market today, why LO payment administration issues for keepin constantly your company lucrative, and exactly how to eliminate inefficiencies in determining LO commissions by leveraging a technology solution.

Our company is excited presenting for you this webinar that is live, accompanied by an extensive summary associated with the subjects discussed!

Loan Officer Commissions – Margins & Management Webinar

In this nationwide webinar, we invited our specialists within the industry to recommend guidelines and provide a fruitful pc pc software solution for managing or transitioning loan officer’s commissions. Weiterlesen