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What’s the real-life tale behind Ruth Wilson’s brand new BBC drama Mrs Wilson?

This three-part drama is dependant on a story that is true of, bigamy and espionage

Making and starring in A television drama regarding the very very very own household may appear a bit self-indulgent – but the real-life tale behind Ruth Wilson’s brand brand new show Mrs Wilson can be so extraordinary that it is practically made for television.

The three-part BBC drama presents us to Alison Wilson (played by her granddaughter Ruth Wilson) and her spouse, Alexander “Alec” Wilson (Iain Glen), a novelist and a spy whom she came across while working at MI6 throughout the war.

But when her husband died abruptly of a coronary arrest at the house in Ealing significantly more than two decades later on, Alison made a shocking breakthrough: she wasn’t the only real Mrs Wilson, along with her two sons are not Alec’s just young ones.

Compiled by Anna Symon, the three-part drama is founded on the story that is true of Wilson family members. Here’s what we understand concerning the Alexander that is real Wilson their spouses:

Who had been the genuine Alexander Wilson?

Though some for the facts around Alexander Wilson are a little murky because of MI6’s classified files and Alec’s habit that is own of lies and maintaining secrets, we can say for certain that Ruth Wilson’s grandfather came to be in 1893 and passed away in 1963. He was a novelist, a spy plus an MI6 agent, and – most considerably – he had been a serial bigamist with four wives.

Just what exactly was he playing at?

“We have actuallyn’t arrive at a summary,” Ruth Wilson told press at an assessment in London. “MI5 nevertheless won’t launch their documents in regards to what he got as much as here, they’re ‘case sensitive’, whatever which means, but after 70 years they won’t launch them therefore we don’t really understand what he really got around or just just what he had been doing with MI5, or MI6. Weiterlesen