Reasons You’re Bleeding After Intercourse, In Accordance With Professionals

After top-notch oral sex from my top-notch partner, I happened to be primed and prepared for many sex. But after some penetration that is vigorous we noticed I was bleeding—not quite period heavy but adequate to keep three big blood splotches on my baby-pink duvet cover. Dammit.

My partner had been (understandably) focused on the very fact that I happened to be bleeding, but I happened to be more upset that I’d stained my duvet. We wasn’t in anything or pain; besides, this happened certainly to me from time to time. I’d had a Pap smear two times before and figured it should have now been related—after all, I understand therefore women that are many bleed after sex and don’t think twice about any of it.

Bleeding after intercourse takes place pretty usually, it Weiterlesen