Can You girls that are helping Their Political Voice

On 8, 2016, thousands of young women currently attending or recently graduated from girls’ schools across the country will be a part of history in more ways than one november. They’ll be of qualified voting age when it comes to time that is first going for the chance to assist elect the following president of this united states of america. These ladies will dsicover a woman’s title noted on the ballot being a party that is major the very first time in U.S. history.

In 2020, we shall commemorate the 100 th anniversary for the 19 th Amendment towards the U.S. Constitution, which granted American women the ability to vote. As soon as we celebrate this milestone, it’s possible we are going to have a lady into the White home as president.

As historic as this election is, we continue to have a way that is long get.

Women compensate 51% associated with the populace, but hold just 22% of this 500,000 elected workplaces in america. Weiterlesen