Academics Write Papers Arguing Over What Amount Of People Read (And Cite) Their Documents

Studies about reading studies go back a lot more than 2 decades

You can find a complete lot of medical documents on the market. One estimate sets the count at 1.8 million articles posted each 12 months, in about 28,000 journals. Who actually checks out those documents? Relating to one 2007 study, perhaps maybe not lots of people: 1 / 2 of educational documents are read only by their writers and log editors, the analysis’s composers compose.

Although not all academics accept that they usually have a gathering of three. There is a prices dispute that is heated educational readership and citation—enough that there has been studies about reading studies heading back for over 2 decades.

The writers introduce their subject by noting that “as many as 50% of documents should never be look over by anyone apart from their writers, referees and log editors. into the 2007 research” additionally they declare that 90 % of documents posted will never be cited. Weiterlesen