Buddies with Advantages, but with no Intercourse: directly Women and Gay guys Exchange reliable Mating information 2

The Current Research

In light of the numerous challenges that right females and homosexual males usually encounter within their other friendships (i.e., mating competition/interest), we hypothesize that the trust and honesty very often characterizes gay male-straight feminine friendships can be rooted in mating-relevant domain names. For instance, right ladies may go through increased rely upon gay men to their relationships because of the lack of misleading mating motivations that usually taint their relationships with right males (intimate interest) along with other right ladies (mate competition). Likewise, the intimate interest and competitive motives which could taint homosexual males’s friendships with one another are particularly missing from straight women to their relationships. Despite being intimately interested in the exact same sex (i.e., men), homosexual guys and right ladies are neither possible intimate partners nor mating competition for every other. Weiterlesen