Discovery of Ancient Torah Demonstrates Jews Worship Satan? (updated foreword by Senior Editor)

Nevertheless, inside the broad framework of Christianity, especially in the usa, there was around 30 million Moloch worshippers. Let us keep in mind that Moloch may be the “real deal, ” maybe not just a fallen angel who rebelled but alternatively an “old god” that represents genuine evil.

It has additionally become clear that most of the Israeli desire for Syria and brand new temples for “Solomon” is clearly one thing quite different, fundamentally associated with the worship of Baal but better expressed as Moloch or Millcom.

To the majority of, the word “devil” works as well.

This seems to be an example of Capricornus, the sea-goat, an extremely old icon dating straight back at the very least 4000 years to ancient Babylon and representing the god Enki, who some scholars think could be the beginning regarding the Hebrew god Yahweh.

Ian Greenhalgh’s Note

I’ve for ages been skeptical in regards to the ‘Jews worship Satan’ allegations, but then there is no denying that Satanic imagery such as the unmistakable picture of Baphomet is mixed with Hebrew scripture in this Torah and one has to ask why that is if these Torahs are authentic, as they appear to be.

The typical image we have actually of Baphomet today is the fact that drawn by French magician and occultist Eliphas Levi, which starred in their 1856 guide Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie

It really is clear that Levi took their Baphomet (above, right) from earlier in the day Jewish illustrations. Levi based their work with Kabbalism and ancient secret rituals, in specific Jewish sources. Their work inspired later on occultists such as for instance Aleister Crowley.

This example of a bird appears uncannily just like the Occult expression of this Phoenix, familiar from Tarot cards and dating back once again to ancient Egypt. Weiterlesen