What direction to go in the event that Condom Breaks During Sex

A doctor’s guide

“The very first thing we say an individual informs me their condom broke is: ‘Great, you had been utilizing a condom, ‘” says Christine Brennan, a exercising clinician and connect professor of wellness policy at LSU’s class of Public wellness in New Orleans.

She works on the motor vehicle analogy to explain the specific situation of the condom breaking, dubbing it a fender bender. This means you have to proactively address the “potential issues of secretory transmission. Although it’s not likely a huge deal, ” meaning if some body comes inside of you once you just weren’t anticipating it—even a little—you should truly simply take the appropriate precautions to ensure you did not contract such a thing or accidentally begin a family group.

How quickly can I work in cases where a condom breaks while I’m sex?

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