Having kittens- can I get 2 girls that are boys/2 1 of every

Or doesn’t it matter after all?

We shall quickly get two kittens from the litter. We decided to have two if I should get 2 of the same sex or one of each so they will always have company but am not sure.

Do any one of you pet veterans have advice? Will there be a combo that is particular goes well or have always been We being catsexist plus it truly doesn’t make a difference!!

I do not think it matters actually, you have to be on your golf ball aided by the neutering in the event that you have certainly one of each though.

Yes, I do not wish any Greek tragedies! Many Thanks Brillo.

Ooh squee! We are going to of course require images when you obtain the brand new arrivals! We have a lady and a kid, perhaps maybe perhaps not siblings but will always be together. They may not be most readily useful of buddies however they rub along quite nicely together. A very important factor we was not ready for had been the play combat, having just ever endured cats that are single. It freakd me personally out so much I began a thread on here and had been reassured it absolutely was quite normal!

Poise I am super excited in order to become a crazy pet woman!

We got two girls and I also seriously wish we hadn’t!! They can’t log on to it really is awful, fighting, hissing, screeching at each and every other then got told its safer to have male/male or male/female

We now have 2 men – nevertheless appear to log in to (just 5 months old though). Vet stated men make smarter animals but do not determine if which is simply they were 2 females when we got them because we were told! Weiterlesen