Term for Word.A Scholarly Debate; Rhett and Scarlett: Rough Intercourse Or Rape? Feminists Give a Damn

THE O.J. Simpson test is the one expression of just exactly how domestic physical violence haunts US culture. Is “Gone Using The Wind” another? Especially, did Rhett Butler rape or, less offensively, ravish Scarlett O’Hara?

The debate started a years that are few in scholastic journals while the lecture hall between two feminist philosophers — one of those Christina Hoff Sommers, who’s got since outraged many feminists together with her book “Who Stole Feminism? Exactly exactly How ladies Betrayed Women,” posted a year ago. The argument inside her guide — that feminism is dominated by people who look for to persuade people that American females “are perhaps perhaps not the free animals we think we have been” — is foreshadowed into the dispute over Margaret Mitchell’s Civil War saga.

Just in case it was missed by you, the debate has resurfaced once again. Listed here are excerpts. TOM KUNTZ

From a message provided final autumn to the American Enterprise Institute by Ms. Sommers, an associate at work teacher of philosophy at Clark University in Worcester, Mass., and reprinted in today’s issue of The United states Enterprise:

Until 1989, I became a feminist that is academic good standing. My essays had been a part of feminine anthologies. I became invited to conferences that are feminist. My courses had been cross-listed with ladies’ Studies. We went afoul regarding the feminist establishment when We published an essay when you look at the Chronicle of Higher Education that said something politically wrong concerning the famous staircase scene in “Gone with all the Wind.”


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