You plan to have sex, how regularly you have sex and not necessarily how much sex you have how you best take PrEP depends on how far in advance

The 4 approaches to just take PrEP.

The manner in which you just take your PrEP is based on:

  • what lengths ahead of time you want on having sex
  • just how regularly you have got sex.

It will not always rely on exactly just just how much intercourse you have actually.

Switching between dosing options

We recommend day-to-day PrEP for many trans individuals utilizing hormones therapy once we don’t have actually adequate data to aid other dosing options.

Switching between dosing options to fit your sexual intercourse and habits is completely okay. You can easily adjust your regime that is prEP to suit you as the situation modifications.

  • On need dosing (or occasion Based Dosing) and 4 pills per are methods suitable only for anal sex week. Weiterlesen