Why You often Feel Sad After Intercourse, even if It is Good Sex

When he was at their very very early 20s, Los Angeles-based journalist Brandon G. Alexander frequently felt an inexplicable sadness after intercourse, even though it absolutely was “good” sex with individuals he liked.

“The simplest way to spell it out the sensation is empty or often pity, according to my relationship and intention aided by the individual, ” the 30-year-old creator for the men’s lifestyle web web site New Age Gents told HuffPost. “Our tradition teaches males just how to be actually attached to somebody, but we disregard the truth that sex is extremely psychological and religious. The concept that a person wouldn’t feel something before, during or after sex is impractical, but the majority have grown to be therefore trained to believe otherwise. ”

Just exactly What Alexander experienced years back is really what scientists call “post-coital dysphoria. Weiterlesen