Mexican Women Use Sunlight rather than Firewood or petrol to Cook dishes

The solar cookers are low-tech devices that utilize reflective panels to concentrate sunshine for a cooking cooking pot in the centre.

Reyna Diaz checks the marinated pork she actually is cooking in a solar cooker at her home in an unhealthy neighbourhood of Vicente Guerrero, Villa de Zaachila municipality, when you look at the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The application of solar cookers has made can be done for 200 regional females to truly save on gas and prevent using firewood, supplying ecological and health advantages. Picture: Emilio Godoy/IPS

Villa de Zaachila (Mexico): Reyna Diaz cooks beans, chicken, pork and desserts inside her solar cooker, which she creates on view courtyard of her home in a neighbourhood that is poor the outskirts with this city in southwestern Mexico.

“My family members likes the way in which it cooks things. I take advantage of it virtually every day, it’s been a big make it possible to me personally, ” Diaz told IPS as she mixed the ingredients for cochinita pibil, a conventional pork dish marinated with spices and achiote, a normal colouring.

She then put the cooking cooking cooking pot regarding the aluminium sheets associated with cooker, which mirror the sunlight that heats the receptacle.

A traditional hot Mexican drink based on corn or wheat dough, and is raising her son and daughter on her own, did not believe it was possible to cook with the sun’s rays before receiving the solar cooker in March, Diaz, who sells atole. Weiterlesen