Immediately after Rodger’s killings, incels took towards the manosphere to spell out that ladies

(and feminism) had been in the long run in charge of exactly just just what had occurred. Had some of those ‘wicked bitches’ simply fucked Elliot Rodger he’dn’t experienced to destroy anybody. (Nikolas Cruz, who gunned down 17 pupils and personnel at Marjory Stoneman Douglas senior high school in Parkland, Florida on Valentine’s Day, vowed in a YouTube video that ‘Elliot Rodger won’t be forgotten. ’) Feminist commentators were quick to indicate just just what needs to have been apparent: that no girl had been obligated to own intercourse with Rodger; that their feeling of intimate entitlement ended up being a case-study in patriarchal ideology; that his actions had been a predictable if extreme reaction to the thwarting of this entitlement. Weiterlesen