Art Citation Guide – MLA: Labels, captions, and supply information

MLA: Labels, captions, and supply information

Pictures look straight embedded within the document, except within the full situation of manuscripts which are being prepared for book. (For planning manuscripts with artistic materials for publication, see Note on Manuscripts below.) Each example must incorporate a label, quantity, a caption and/or source information.

  • The example label and quantity must always can be found in two places: the document primary text (e.g. see fig. 1) and close to the example itself (Fig. 1).
  • Captions offer titles or explanatory notes.
  • Supply information paperwork will constantly rely on the medium associated with the supply example. If you offer source information along with of the pictures, there is no need to deliver these details regarding the Functions Cited web page.


    All visuals/illustrations which are not tables or score that is musical ( e.g. maps, diagrams, maps, v >Figures Example

Some visitors discovered Harry’s last fight with Voldemort a dissatisfaction, and recently, the podcast, MuggleCast debated the topic (see fig. 2).

Figure caption (below a podcast that is embedded for the document to be looked at electronically):

Fig. 2. Harry Potter and Voldemort battle that is final from Andrew Sims et al.; “Show 166”; MuggleCast;, 19 Dec. 2008, Weiterlesen